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We are a GRC solution, content and services company specializing in the innovative risk management solutions leveraging multiple GRC platforms.

What's In A Name?

Vessels often have a second figure on their stern called a Tutela.

A symbol of

safety, navigation

& guidance.

Most people are familiar with insignias and figurines on the prow of seagoing vessels, and have probably seen beautiful renditions on classic wooden sailing ships. These figures or symbols represent what gave the ship its name - a swan, a lady or an eagle for example. What's less known is that these vessels often have a second figure on their stern called a Tutela, which symbolizes the guardian or guide of the vessel, while the insignia on the prow captures the identity or soul of a vessel.

The Tutela guides the vessel on its journey, and protects it from the many hazards of travel by water.

Our Clients

Our clients are motivated by many factors to change their processes and environment - from regulatory and industry requirements, to increased efficiency and cost savings. They typically know their desired destination or end state, and understand their current condition.

While this isn't the first time they've undertaken such a transformation, they often don't have the specific expertise or ability to accomplish everything needed to complete the journey to their destination.

Our Role

This is where we come in. We've been to their desired destination (many times), and understand the hazards and challenges we'll face along the way.

In many ways, these journeys can be likened to casting off lines on a cool morning and setting sail towards a destination across the sea. The journey may be fraught with hazards, will require significant planning, and will likely involve adapting to conditions such as weather along the way.

What makes the difference in such a journey is an experienced hand at the helm. Someone to guide the vessel, chart the course, and avoid hazards. Someone to take your mind off the responsibilities of the task at hand, and allow you to enjoy the journey. Our role is to be the Tutela for your journey and transformation.

The Tutela Culture

When you think about business consultants, you'll likely picture an army of stuffy people in conference rooms with notepads in their hands. While some of that is the nature of our work- the reality is that our work and approach is fairly unique in the technology world, and our identity reflects that. One thing you'll quickly find working with the team at Tutela Solutions is that we love what we do. We firmly believe we're the best at what we do, and greatly enjoy the opportunity.

As a result, we're a pretty happy bunch, and our work style and identity reflect that. As a result of the origins of our name and identity, you will often see lighthearted references to nautical themes or terms throughout our website and work. We hope you enjoy the similarities as much as we do.

Beyond a world-class training program and quality-focused incentive program, our culture focuses on the value of every member of our team. Our people are what makes us great, and our values reflect that. The following are just a few of our cultural commitments:


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